The people staying in our hostel are strangers living in close quarters, which is why we place particular importance on considerate behaviour and adherence to rules. Therefore, we ask in particular that you respect the wishes of other hostel residents for a peaceful stay. Please behave quietly in our hostel after 10 PM. We ask that you use headphones to listen to music after 10 PM. We ask that you visit one of the cafés located close by if you would like to chat.

Our hostel is fitted with a central fire alarm system, so it is forbidden to smoke or handle na-ked flames anywhere in the building. In case of infringement we’ll charge a fee of 150€. The Fire Department is called automatically if the fire alarm is triggered. Therefore, anyone who negligently triggers the fire alarm by smoking or by any other actions (the smoke alarms are fitted to the ceilings) will be liable to pay all associ-ated costs.

For reasons of hygiene, it is not permitted to store or prepare foods in the rooms.

Please be aware that we do not accept liability for your baggage or valuables. Please ensure that you lock your rooms when you go out. You can deposit your valuables at reception.

Your guests may come into the lounge/reception, but it is prohibited to allow outside per-sons to enter or stay in the rooms.

Alcohol or controlled substances of any kind are banned.

The hostel enforces householder’s rights. We reserve the right in urgent cases to enter the rooms to enforce householder’s rights and to take necessary action. The hostel management is entitled to take suitable action to restore order in the event that the behaviour of any guest is unacceptable or if house rules are violated. The hostel management is entitled to immediately ban a guest from the premises in the event that the guest in question is cautioned repeatedly or in response to severe violations.

Persons responsible for damaging or soiling the property or inventory will be liable to provide immediate compensation. Please do not remove furniture or suchlike (e.g. blankets, chairs) from the rooms.

A fee of €10 will be charged to cover the costs of lost locker – keys. This fee must be paid immediately in cash.

Guests with bookings may agree individual arrival times with the hostel management. Booked rooms or beds will otherwise be kept free until 6 PM. The rooms/beds are available from 3 PM on the arrival day. You may leave your luggage in our luggage room if you arrive earlier. We request that you vacate your room by no later than 12 PM on the departure day.

Guests are required to treat the hostel furniture and the rooms with due care and in particular to prevent any serious dirt or damage. Even after the guest has departed, the hostel shall be entitled to bill the guest for the costs of repair, replacement or cleaning in accordance with VIII./6 insofar as the hostel identifies dirt or damage that exceeds the scope of normal wear and tear. This applies equally to objects located on the hostel grounds.

This regulation applies in particular to the replacement of:
– hand and bath towels
– mattresses and mattress protectors, pillows and pillowcases
– bed linen
– small electrical devices and crockery
– other furnishings
– house and room keys

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