The guest accommodation agreement (rent contract) is concluded as soon as a room or bed is booked, confirmed or, insofar that confirmation cannot be given for reasons of time, pro-vided.

Conclusion of the guest accommodation agreement requires the contractual partners to fulfil the agreement, irrespective of the contractual period. This agreement may not be cancelled unilaterally. Insofar as there is any doubt, the party placing the order shall be considered the contractual partner even if the order was placed entirely or partly on behalf of other named persons. The ordering party and the recipient of service shall be jointly and severally liable.

As a rule, the booked rooms will be available to guests from 3 PM on the arrival day and must be vacated by 12 PM on the departure day.

The hostel management reserves the right to let rooms or beds to another guest after 7 PM unless a later arrival was explicitly agreed.

The guest does not acquire the right to the provision of any particular room.

Bookings may be cancelled without charge within the following periods:

Cancellation of normal season trade fair times/Oktoberfest
1-6 persons by 7 PM one day before arrival up to 2 days before arrival
More than 6 persons up to 3 weeks before arrival up to 6 weeks before arrival
Apartments up to 1 week before arrival up to 2 weeks before arrival

The hostel reserves the right to adjust prices as applicable insofar as the period between contractual conclusion and provision of service exceeds 6 months.

The entire hostel is non-smoking. Guests who contravene this rule will be asked to pay for any associated costs (cleaning of curtains and carpets; painting the walls; Fire Department costs, etc.)!In case of infringement we’ll charge a fee of 150€.

We explicitly reject any liability for cash, documents or other valuables.

Augsburg is the exclusive place of fulfilment for all obligations arising from the contractual relationship.

For all our apartments we need a credit card for the guarantee.

For the apartments 2, 4 and 7 you have to lodge a deposit (450 Euro).

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